Power Pro Manager


PC Power Management

Ensure your organization is saving energy and money by managing your workstation power.
PowerPro Manager PC Energy Saving Software will save approximately $35 of electricity per computer per year.

Return on Investment in 6 months or less.


Why Should You Buy PowerPro Manager versus other PC Power Management Software?


  • No out of pocket or up-front costs for our Power Management Software (with utility rebates)
  • No future costs for telephone support or software updates
  • No costs for adding workstations in the future as long as they install on 95% of the desktop workstations
  • No cost for our software/hardware inventory module for 12 months
  • No cost for our Disk and CPU Monitoring module for 12 months
  • Free hardware server for installations with over 1000 licensed workstations
  • Free Windows 2008 Server license if they run our software on a virtual server and have over 350 workstations
  • Made in the USA